The Ohio Interscholastic Drone Racing Association, or OIDRA for short, was organized in 2018 by PHASTAR Corp., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Cleveland, Ohio.  OIDRA is the first drone racing association that will bring competitive drone racing to Northeast Ohio high schools.

Drone racing is a rapidly advancing sport and hobby.  Cities across the country have organized events that gather incredible talent (seen here), and industries like the military or first-responders are increasingly seeing the use of these skills (seen here).  Until now, Northeast Ohio has been lacking the support to hold large scale events.

The Ohio Interscholastic Drone Racing Association exists to provide a wide range of opportunities and challenges for high school students in Ohio to engage in all levels of drone and UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) racing and STEM activities.

Many Cleveland schools have a drone club, but flight events are scarce.  Starting in 2020 teams from participating schools will be able to attend OIDRA racing events.  These organized events offer students a chance to compete against other schools in both solo and team challenges.  And for schools without organized clubs, OIDRA is available to help you create a club or team with resources and coaching assistance.