This page contains information for racing teams and participants, including recommended equipment and program information.

For Schools

Many schools in Cleveland and across the country have clubs and programs dedicated to building and flying drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).  With the help of OIDRA, Cleveland schools will have an outlet for these programs to expand beyond the scope and resources of their school. OIDRA takes on the responsibilities of planning and managing events so schools and teachers can focus on educating.

As a member of OIDRA, your school and students will have access to:

  • OIDRA racing events and competitive leagues
  • Resources for starting and running a team
  • Connections to STEM events, resources, and local professionals
  • Equipment discounts on drones and parts
  • Association defined standards and safety procedures

For Students

Drones are cool!  And racing drones is even better.  As a registered OIDRA racer, you are invited to compete in all areas of our drone racing and skills events.  At events, we offer both individual and competitive challenges that increase in difficulty to meet all levels of racing skill.  Our team events combine complex problem-solving skills and quick reflexes to maximize fun and keep racers on their toes. And if you are more interested in the build and design of drones and UAVs, we have partnered with local organizations to give you every opportunity to explore and optimize the insides of your team’s tech.

Still not convinced?  Drone usage is rapidly increasing across the globe, and right now is the time to get ahead of the curve.  Many colleges offer drone-related scholarships.  Many industries are adopting drone technologies and are hiring experienced flyers and builders.  OIDRA is here to help you learn about and get connected to these opportunities.

For Partners

As a managed league for highschool drone programs, OIDRA is the perfect opportunity for your organization to connect directly to the next generation of drone pilots and enthusiasts.  We partner with organizations that offer our racers and schools resources to learn about and connect with every facet of drone and UAV building, designing, and racing. That goes for local, family-owned businesses, national nonprofit organizations, and everyone in-between.  We would love to talk with you if you share our mission to support youth in drone and UAV racing and education.

Join us as we facilitate the growth of future:

  • First Responders
  • Search and Rescuers
  • Media and Photo Journalists
  • Pilots and Military Operatives
  • Racers
  • And More

Drone Racing Program Guide

Our PDF guide will help you create and run a successful drone racing program.  From racing teams and participants, to recommended equipment.

Send download link to: